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Open Thick Type CNC Punching Machine
NOKA servo turret punching machine utilizes the power of servo motor, various functions such as shifting and execution, and the characteristics of good controllability of the rotating speed. It directly drives the punching mechanism, adopts adaptive torqu
Platform CNC Punching Machine
Industrial computer (IPC) system, AMADA company developed CNC processing software, can achieve field programming, backstage programming, wide screen LCD monitor, the pictures are more clear and beautiful.
Servo-electric CNC Punching Machine
Program mode, pressure mode, punch can be press-fit operation from top to bottom; in tension mode, the pressure head is operated from bottom to top. Quality judgment function, online quality inspection function to ensure product quality.
Close Thick Plate CNC Punching Machine
Double O-type fuselage with high strength, high-rigidity steel plates welded together, and the overall tempering treatment, effectively eliminate the internal stress to ensure long-term stability of the machine.
Metal Plate Hole Punching Machine
1. High processing precision and stable processing quality; the punch itself has high precision and rigidity, and can choose favorable processing amount and high productivity.2. Large processing width: 1.5m*5m processing format can be completed at one tim
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